One year down...

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One year ago tonight, we put the finishing touches on our website, working for hours getting the shipping pricing entered into the website, state by state... and at about 10pm, Bob's Bitchin' BBQ became a reality. One year later, I'm more than happy with the success we've had bringing our sauces to you. Whether it's through our retail customers, the restaurants that use our sauces, through Farmer's Markets and even those that stop at our house. Judy and I appreciate so much that you've helped us spread the word to your friends and families all across the US.

As we enter into our 2nd year of business, we welcome our new Mango Red Pepper sauce to the line-up! And, in early August I'll be devoting all of my time to Bob's Bitchin' BBQ, expanding our retail base and who knows maybe more soon? be continued...

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  • Way to leave us hanging

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